Sinai Singles Ministries Inc.


Do you want to connect with Christian singles who are like-minded, who will not be afraid to be themselves and be challenged to move from a place of mediocrity to exceptional?

Then Sinai Singles Ministry is the place to be.

Welcome to Sinai Singles Ministry

Sinai Singles Ministry is designed to provide singles with a pathway to find other Christians that share the same values, goals, and desires for God while maximizing their fullest potentials in all areas of life. 

The ministry is committed to achieving this goal by offering unique and engaging interactive fellowship gatherings, educational seminars, and workshops where individuals can access meaningful and practical ministry-related resources to help them become their authentic selves in Jesus Christ.

Ministry Mission:

Our mission is to provide a holistic ministry approach that will assist singles in utilizing their gifts to live life God’s way.

You are the books never read

This ministry’s aim is also to read books never read. On the covers of these books we only see the characters with the pages untouched and unturned. The untold stories of those whose lives are not heard and players not seen on the stages called life and destiny yet to be fulfilled.

You are the books never read. Pages unturned. Stories not heard. Players not seen and destiny unfulfilled. You are who we desire to connect with. Please permit us to read your book, your story. We pray that through us, God will do His best work in you.

Ministry Focus:

We believe every person is created to impact their sphere of influence, we are offering services that will help develop singles to spotlight their gifts by exposing them to:

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